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Technology impacts our lives, our work and our world in ways we are only just starting to understand. Keep up to date with science and tech news on the environment, energy, climate change, green living, ocean tech , industrial design and more

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Presented by BRINK Institute and featuring global leaders in medicine, science and tech, BRINK2016 Ireland encourages active participation from attendees and guests along with special events, networking and more. Late Autumn 2016

BRINK Summit 2016

Ireland | Autumn

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Join BRINK alum and exciting new speakers talking about breathtaking new ideas, incredible new technologies and immersive, interactive experiences as we explore Virtual Reality, Extreme Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and their applications and implications for our futures. SPRING 2017

BRINK Summit 2017

Hong Kong | Spring

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Businesses around the world are affected every day by the exponential growth of technological applications, from dig data and analytics to legal and ethical issues, cybersecurity to cloud computing. Keep up with the changes happening every day with The Brink Report.

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Exhibits, networking, and four full days of conversations with today's thought leaders in fields as diverse as robotics and social media, education and virtual reality, biotechnology, environmental and energy tech, sustainability and climate change and more. Autumn 2017

BRINK Summit 2017

Barcelona | Autumn

BRINK Institute is proud to have been a Program Partner of SXSW Interactive in 2016, presenting two exciting panels as well as holding two private Salons for SXSW participants March 12-15 2016

BRINK Salon SXSW 2016

Austin | Spring



“Biology is an Information-based Technology” ~ Ray Kurzweil

As healthcare accelerates toward a data-driven environment, breakthroughs and innovation in medical technology and therapies will be directly related to the ability to access information and to turn data into useable knowledge. Healthcare providers and life sciences organizations have an ever-increasing need to gather, manage, store, integrate, share and analyze data in order to optimize patient outcomes and transform healthcare worldwide.

“Information Technology will Drive Innovation in Healthcare”

BRINK INSTITUTE is dedicated to fostering and facilitating curated conversations with the makers, doers and disrupters who are shaping our future.

Over the course of four days, November 9-12 in the inimitable Irish countryside, BRINK Summit Ireland endeavours to provide transformational knowledge, spark conversation and inspire collaboration among global leaders in medical technology; and to showcase an unprecedented breadth and depth of innovative products, therapies, and services in order to usher in the next evolution in medicine that will: alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.





This exclusive BRINK event brings together global leaders in robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, quantum biology and machine learning, together with pioneers in information technology, big data, cloud-computing, imaging, 3-D printing, and systems biology in this very special event in SPRIN 2017.

These leaders in their respective fields are coming together in an unprecedented collaborative think and do effort to increase our knowledge of the essence of life and humanity, and to promote collaboration, spark integrated technology-based solutions to real-world evolutionary challenges, and address the logistical questions surrounding our ability to control our own creations, and the ethical concerns over whether we should or should not.

Join us as we explore new technologies and forward movement in verticals including:

  • Extreme Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Cryonics

Enjoy fireside chats, roundtable talks, roll-up-your-sleeves workshops and Focus forums during this exclusive 2 day invitation only event. Address the grand challenges facing the evolutionary next steps in humanity’s journey with the pioneers leading the way, and become an Influencer in your own future.

If you only attend one conference this year, make it BRINK Summit Hong Kong 2017.



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SXSW Interactive 2016 Welcomed BRINK Institute as an Official Program Partner

BRINK Institute was proud to present two engaging panel sessions for SXSW Interactive March 12-15, 2016.
Our first session demonstrated breakthroughs in Machine Learning, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; and the second explored exponential advances in Virtual Reality towards True Immersion and Presence:

SUN MAR 13 | The Holy Grail: Machine Learning + Extreme Robotics
TUE MAR 15 | In Pursuit of Presence: the Roadmap to True Immersion

In addition, BRINK Institute was excited to host two exclusive Salon Events at Austin’s acclaimed Driskill Hotel during SXSW Interactive. On the mezzanine level of the iconic Driskill Hotel in the heart of the city, we gathered for cocktails and conversation and examined the potential social impact of VR Journalism, investigating emerging possibilities for social and emotional learning, immersive healing and more

SAT MAR 12 | Deep Impact: the AR/VR/Immersion Empathy Machine
MON MAR 14 | Healing Humanity: The Immersive Power of AI/AR/VR for Good



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